Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Tengah Islands OC-247

Kapoposangbali, Satanger, Sailus, Poleonro OC-247
28 - 31 January 2015
Dedicated to health recovery of Kadek YB9BU
Adhi was QRV from :
1. Sailus (aka Sailusa Besar), locator OI82RL on 28-Jan-2015
2. Satanger, locator OI82PL on 29-Jan-2015
3. Kapoposangbali, locator OI82OM on 30-Jan-2015
4. Poleonro (aka Sailusa Kecil), locator OI82RK on 30-Jan-2015
belongs to Tengah Islands OC-247 using callsign YB3MM/8 on 28-31 January 2015 on 15m and 20m, SSB-CW modes.

QSL Route :
- Check the log before sending QSL :
- OQRS Paypal transfer to yb3mm@mdxc.org (preferred)
- Direct, SAE + new Doha model IRC (until Dec 31, 2017)
- Enclosed green stamps, blue stamps, red stamps etc at your own risk (not recommended
- or via QSL Manager IZ8CCW
- MDXC qsl service, for MDXC member only
- Bureau. Don't expect too much since it will take more than 3 years

Equipment :
- Trx : Kenwood TS-450 and TS-50
- Antenna : 3-ele yagi for 15m band + 2-ele yagi for 20m band + some verticals for other bands
- No Amplifier
- 2,000 watt electric generator

QSL Card Design :

Paradise view of Tengah Island :

Photograph of Operation : 

Special thanks to : 

Special thanks to :
Emmas King YB3RDS, Mr Boni YD3PDT, Mr. Trisulu in Denpasar, Mr Sayadi in Sailus (boat owner), Mr Daeng Se're in Sailus, Mr Daeng Daga in Kapoposangbali, Mr. Jadang in Poleonro, Mr. Fauzen in Satanger, Mr. Asri YD9IWL, Mrs. Nanik YD9IWF, Mr Wiastu Kanit-reskrim Polsek Klungkung, and all residents in islands of Sailus, Satanger, Kapoposangbali and Poleonro for their warm welcome and hospitality.

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